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The Canadian Book of Charities connects donors with charities across Canada through the publication of an annual guide and interactive website.
As a comprehensive reference tool for the general public it is a cost effective means for providing information about your organization to those seeking to make donations, wills or bequests.

Guide Circulation: 20,896 personally addressed copies

It is a primary reference tool for legal and financial professionals involved in estate and tax planning. A free copy of the Canadian Book of Charities guide is sent to the following professionals across Canada:
  • 13,438 to lawyers who deal with Wills, Taxation, Estate and Trust, General Practice and Solo
  • 1,503 to Notaries in Quebec
  • 2,200 to Funeral Home Directors
  • 3,905 to Investment Advisors across Canada
  • 378 to Top Corporations
  • 372 are dispersed in individual sales, libraries and other charitable sector professionals


  • NEW! Facebook and Twitter links can now be added to online ad or classified listing web pages.
  • Our website offers donors easy access to information about your charity and provides a convenient Donate link from our website to your organization’s donation page.
  • Our site ranks first or second in search engine results based on the key words "Canadian" + "Charities." Your advertisement or listing will reach thousands of potential new donors daily!

Did you know that...

  • Bequest and other testamentary gifts in planned giving is the third most successful means of charitable fundraising in Canada, second only to direct mail campaigns and special events.
  • In the planned giving area bequests represent 80% to 90% of raised funds.
  • 92% of bequests were a surprise to the charities.

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  • Comprehensive reference tool for donors
  • Effective means of providing information about your charity
  • Prominent Donate link
  • Broad reach of exposure at a reasonable cost

For 42 years, The Canadian Book of Charities has linked those willing to give to those in Need.

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