Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Canadian Book of Charities?

Frequently Asked Questions What is The Canadian Book of Charities? The publication has a free circulation of over 20,000 to legal firms and financial planners across Canada (notaries in Quebec). Its primary purpose is to provide the legal profession with a tool to encourage bequests to the charities when drawing up wills and to enable the charities to have an opportunity to tell their story to the donors. With our website being prominent on the internet, the opportunity is there for each and everyone to make donations clicking on search button to the charities represented in the publication. You may also find any charity registered in Canada by clicking on our "Search the Government Database".

Is it easy to make a donation?

Yes most definitely. Just click on the “Search for Charities” and it will take you to the list of participating organizations. Find the charity closest to your heart and then click on the “To Donate” button. It’s as easy as that.

Can I get a list of all the Canadian charities?

Our site provides all the charities registered with the Canadian Government, together with their Business Number. However, only the charities participating in The Canadian Book of Charities are able to receive donations from this site.

Who processes the donations?

The charities themselves - we are simply a conduit - albeit a safe one. After a donation has been made, notification will be received by the charity who will then process the donation and send pertinent receipts, etc. It is our belief that the charities would prefer to control this themselves and donors would prefer to have a relationship directly with the charities with no third-party intervention.

Who pays for this service?

Every charity in our publication is entitled to take advantage of this site at no cost and to receive donations on-line and there is absolutely no fee for the service we provide. There are absolutely no charges up front - no charges at the end. The only fee will be that the charities usually pay when someone uses their credit card to donate. So whether it's by phone or my donations-on-line - it makes no difference.

What other services does this site provide?

As in the publication itself, this site provides information on the tax benefits accrued when making gifts to charities.